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A practical violence prevention program for women

Bbrave is an independent, non-profit project, that has been founded with the intention to promote the prevention of violence against women. Domestic violence, sexual assault and rape are widespread problems within our society, which are neither restricted by laws, borders nor social status. By bringing together the experiences of survivors, the opinions and expertise of various subject matter experts, analysing relevant crime data, researching motives and methods of offenders, we want to present a more complete, realistic and practical perspective on the subject. It is our intention to actively help by raising awareness for these problems, dismantling some of the related common myths and misconceptions, but we also want to take concrete, solution oriented action by empowering women to prevent these things from happening to them. We want to offer FREE online and practical prevention & self-defence training for women in need. This online platform will hopefully grow into a strong supporting community, a place where anyone can get advice and find help, exchange useful information with others, talk to like-minded people or to experts.

bbrave - Film project

Be a voice - the world needs to know!

Unfortunately there are many myths & misconceptions when it comes to domestic violence and sexual assault, some of the facts are simply shocking! We want people to see all this, the facts, the numbers, to hear the stories told by survivors, to see what experts have to say and then make up their own mind. We decided that the best way to engage people with this subject, would be to create a film project. The intention is to give anyone a better understanding of how this unfortunate situations can develop and what can potentially be done in order to prevent them from happening. Initially we wanted to create a full documentary on the subject, but the ongoing pandemic has taken its toll on us, therefore a new idea has been born. As the project is slowly becoming international and there has been interest for cooperation from various sides, we decided to make sure all your voices are being heard. Therefore we want to create a podium where anyone with a story to tell, individual, creative mind or filmmaker, can publish their work to share it with a wider audience.

The Online Course

Safety is a habbit and it can be learned!

An important part of the whole idea behind this project is to teach women and girls how to prevent situations that might lead to domestic violence or sexual assault, ideally before something bad happens! We are aware that this is not always possible as every situation is different. However, we believe that the difference between having some knowledge about this matter and being completely unaware, can potentially be life changing! We also have to take into consideration that not only with domestic violence, but also in most sexual assault cases, the attacker is not a stranger, but someone the victim knew and trusted! It is our intention to teach you at least some basic skills, how to recognize when a situation becomes suspicious or things start to go wrong, so you can react in time, and get out of there before the worst happens. The next step is how to get out of abusive relationships, where to find help, how to start over, overcoming trauma and fear and get life back on track. Curious? Then stay tuned as the online prevention training will be released part by part as it gets completed. And not to forget, it is completely FREE!

Our "hands-on"

Many things can be learned online from the comfort of your home, and as much as we wish, knowing how to deal with real violence is not one of those things! Our online prevention training is giving you a very good foundation, a basic understanding of how to avoid getting into serious trouble. However, sometimes trouble finds you anyways, so we are also showing you techniques that are suitable for defending yourself in situations when things do go wrong. To do so efficiently, you need to learn how to use these skills in a real violent confrontation! The influence of fear and adrenaline in high stress situations, will leave you with only gross motor skills or might even cause you to freeze completely and not being able to react at all! We will teach you how to react properly under stress conditions and efficiently fight back. This can actually be taught in a very short time as you do not need a lot of techniques, in fact when it comes to self-defence, the rule is that "less is more"! But be aware that this also needs to be trained and conditioned, so we encourage you to get partners, friends or family members involved and bring them along to be your training partner. That way you would have a dedicated training partner you trust, we also maintain social distancing measures currently being important as we don't need to mix with others and you have someone to continue to train with at home from time to time.

A Community
that Cares

...can make all the difference!

Whether you are you are just concerned and want to learn how to stay safe, or you are a survivor who has experienced some form of domestic violence or sexual abuse and want to find answers to your questions, getting advice from people who have been through the same. Maybe you are a subject matter expert who deals with the subject professionally and wants to contribute to our project, or a martial arts instructor who wants to join our network of instructors and participate in delivering our FREE self-defence training, or you might want to volunteer or support our cause in any other way, then this is the place! Let's create together a strong and supportive community of people who care. There is no membership fee involved, no credit card required, we are here to help and we are looking forward to meet you...

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